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Not long ago, I finished and submited my IRP. I’m a latter for this assignment. That may cause that I pass this assignment in lower property. So I’m worried about it very much. However, worrying cant slove any question, I should do some exactly actions for the final two exams to enhance the results.

The main reason that cause this handing late has three aspects which include time management, research skills and analysing requiremnets. The first two are long-term problems. Analysing requirements is caused because I’m not clear many steps of IRP and lack much experience for this field. I’m sure that Ican do much better than this time.

For time management and research skills, I have metioned many times in my blog and the methods to slove I have known deeply. The problem is I should implement them. Any way, the main things I need do is for the final two exams and IRP oral presentation. For final exposition essay , I should review the exposition essay that I have wrriten and analysing weaknesses of them shown. Then slove them before exam as possible as I can. For IRW, my weakness is notetaking, I should care the time taken in each part to avoid no time to finish the second article. Another notice is the heading , subheading that make my notetaking logically.  Finally, the preparation of IRP OP need  more and careful. Practice to avoid trip and keep eyes face the audience all the time amd organise the process of IRP OP logically and influnently.

That’s all. I wished that we can both get an satisifying results.


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Impressive experience

In this week, I finished group assignment just now. I learn very much from this experience. I divide them to two parts. One is for second research skill and another is analysis about question. These two problems cause my group work hard to complete.

Firstly, the problem about second research skill found is because I can not search some fit information to act as evidence for my idea. When I write some information in my part of this report, I usually write my opinion about companies. But this is wrong in fact in reports because reports must be obiective. In addition, I only use google to search information and this is too simplex. It’s better to use more about database and library source to collect information. On the other hand, I found that I use wrong key words to search information. Then that cause I could not find the information what I want. In order to improve them, I could focus on the chapters of 9, 14 and 15 to develop them.
Consequently, I wish that I can arrange my time more effency in the final 5 weeks.     

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How to edit my blog well

This is my sixth blog which I want to  change something, because the last assessment for my refletive blog have some serious problems. Those serious problems  include Evidence of initiative in learning and participation.

Firstly, I need some approaches to promote the fisrt one. It mainly about the pramatic action what I plan to improve. For example, How can I add more devising actions or strategies in my blog writing. Moreover, more detail need be know such as what strategies will be used, how to use and evaluate the strategies what I have used. These three point is necessary to use in my blog when I metion problems. In the past, I always didn’t care the detail of problem solving process. I even just mentioned the problem in the blog and want some advice from my classmates and I don’t care whether it will be solved. If the problem didn’t be solved, it is to waste time to write some unuseful words.

The other problem is in participation. The reason to cause that is I don’t browse other classmates’ blog and leave them comments. The reflection about that is there is a few of comments from my classmates in my blog. Now the present assessment of reflective blog  make me to pay attention to the comments. I plan to read over 8 of my classmates’ blog which I have same problem in their blog and leave a comment if I have at weenkend. 

I think that it’s a good begining for my blog, though I just leave 3 blogs need to write in the residual semester. 

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The review for the first 15 weeks

I have learned PEP  for 15 weeks since I arrived at Adelaide. In that time, I have a big progress compared when I just arrived here. I remembered that I couldn’t really mean What the stuff said when I passed the safety inspection and I felt nervous when I talked with them. But now I can talk basically with other people as I went shopping and attended activities etc. Though it’s a good trend, I think that my level is felled behind than my classmates. The reason is followed by.

It’s not only me to get progress. All of my classmates both gradually improve their English skills. In my mind, I felt that most of them have bigger advance than me. It was directly showed by the result of essay. I just got four P and even two of them is lower P and the others are both F. There is a serious problem for me if this situation go on. I need some changing which is more benefit and different for my English development. Firstly, Dave told me that I’m so quite and this is not good for my result. I need more consultation with him if I have some problem which need some help from others. Another important thing is my time management. Actually I’m not a good time manager in the first 15 weeks. In my opinion, that I just record what things should I do in one dat  in a tip paper is better than time management paper. Then I arrange the time for each part in that day in my mind because I’m not a careful people  and not good at detail arrangement except for logic think.

I wish that I will be better in PEP. Everything goes well.

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Last weekend, I have enjoyed a pleasant camp. This my first experience for camp. It’s wonderful to me. In those two weeks, not only this relaxing journey, but also a hard assignment for me to be finished.

Before I went to Australia for my study, It’s also a problem to write an essay in my mother language. Though there are some difference between university’s essay in Australia and my high school’s essay, it can not change anything. They are both necessary to discuss in the essay.  It’s weak for me in discussing field. I always don’t put the evidence and supporting idea very compact in my own word. In the last two week’s seminar study, I have learned deductive and inductive thinking, I really feel that it’s a opportunity to solve my present problem because I found a form in my essay. In addition, our teacher ask us to finish the essay using the deductive thinking because of more clear and order. Moreover, he asked us to use BITS in the first paragraph. That means that Background, Issue, Thesis and Scope. I feel some confusing in this method. One of them is that I feel mixture between background and issue, another is scope. It’s worse that my essay topic is wrong. That’s so trouble to me.

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Time management

That Easter is coming accompany for public holidays and to discover new study difficulities.

That is I have no enough time to finish my tasks. The reason why it happen is that I have more things to do than before.Especially, there is a boss assignment called essay among the following tasks. I feel more stress than the last severalweeks. I remembered that Dave’s words that the amount of self-study is directly proportional to the time student studyin Pre-enrolment English Program. Since time mangement was asked to arrange for me, I have not done it well, such asno more details. Sometimes, I even forgot to do it. Moreover, although I finished the time mangement, I couldn’t fulfil it on time. So many problems should be solved in the shortest time is a big challenge for me at present. Can somebody give me some advice in the time mangement to diminish my dilemma?

If I conquer this problem, it will be deeply useful for my following study. 

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Struggle for my English skill

This is my second post in my blog. Since I arrived to adelaide, I have been there for three weeks. In the third week, I have met a big challenge in the studying. It was to make an academic poster with my group partner. I think it is really hard to my present English skill. Even though it like a mountain to confront me, but also this challenge was a good chance to provide my English. During the time to do the poster, I met some problems.

The first problem is to search the local Australia website. In those websites related to my topic of poster, the word are all English. Because to my poor vocabulary, I had to search the internet as I looked for words. After I found the information that I need, My poor vocabulary has increased certain amount. Certainly, This memory will lost a big part of them. I think if I insist this studying, I will accumulate large amount of vocabulary. This problem trouble me for my poster, but the another problem is really exactly hard for me.

That is the structure of poster. For this, my partner complained that “I even don’t konw the structure of poster, How can I do the poster well”. Then I start to konw the poster’s structure. At first, I wacth the introduction of academic poster in MyUni. But I confused with Many parts of the structure. Because the meaning that translate to chinese lost much information. So I asked classmates. They gave me some examples and I understood it quickly.

In totally, although the process of making poster trouble me, I can learn more useful things and provide my English skills after solving the trouble.

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